Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Pusher

We are still in this love-hate relationship with the tree out front. If you remember to last year, it suddenly stopped growing. (See original post here) Very frustrating and has resulted in multiple trips to multiple nurseries to find out the problem.

Saturday Mike headed to Minnesota Valley where we have met the tree expert, Jerry. Jerry is slightly odd, but this man knows his trees. He handed Mike a box and said, "When you are at the point of cut it or kill it, this is your last option."

So, Mike cut off the last remaining dead branch which resulted in our tree now having what feels like a 10 foot clearance...

This small box contained three small fertilizer pegs. Mike had to drill holes into the trunk of the tree, then insert these little pegs.

When I asked how they worked he explained that when they soaked up the water, the fertilizer would go straight through the tree's system.

That's when we both realized he sounded like a drug dealer.

Of course, if this tree doesn't grow he'll break it's limbs and have it whacked. And then he'll just end up sounding like a mobster.

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Anonymous said...

I needed a good laugh. Thanks!