Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hopeful Signs?

So, Mike has been hard at work trying to save our front tree. Last weekend he was digging up the rocks and dirt around the tree again. We had visited Minnesota Valley again and talked with Bernie (we had his name wasn't Jerry. And we decided Bernie is a much more fitting name for the tree expert there). We had even brought pictures along of what the roots looked like. It turns out we had what looked to be some roots actually growing around the tree - in essence strangling itself.

So, Mike dug down and proceeded to start cutting off roots. Bernie had suggested one particular root to cut and remove. When Mike did that, it revealed another root underneath. He wasn't sure if he should cut that one too, but it really looked suspicious. So he went for it. He figured there's a 50/50 chance this tree is dying anyway....

When he cut that root away he said it was almost like it sprung out and uncoiled itself.

We have noticed some new growth on the tree. This is our hopeful sign...the new growth has leaves that are twice as big as what had already grown this spring/summer.

Bernie told us not to give up on this tree quite yet. He said by fall we should know if it will be worth keeping for next summer or whether we should start saving our money for a new tree in the spring.

I'm really tired of planting trees, so keep your fingers crossed that it will live.

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