Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day Oops

A couple weeks ago the kids and I went to the Japanese Garden in Bloomington at Normandale Community College. I grew up in Bloomington and this is where tons of people went to get prom pictures or senior pictures taken. I'd never been there.

Because I knew we had a large gift coming, I thought we needed something personal to give to Mike...and cheap. He works from home so he eats lunch with us everyday and obviously knows how his kids are growing. But, he has a photo of the two of them hanging up in his office from about three years ago. So, we thought we would update that for him.

Below are the shots that were taken. The kids did fairly well not getting antsy. I learned a few more things about taking photographs (or rather, I put recently acquired information into practice). And we managed to put together some pictures that we could give to Mike for Father's Day.

Except we didn't. We totally forgot to pick them up from Sam's Club until Monday.

And these are the collages I put together for him to hang in his office. And yes...I realized after getting it back that I spelled "Beautiful" wrong on Madison's sheet. Ugh. Mike thought it was hysterical since that bugs me so much. But he totally agreed with me that he would have never caught that mistake if I hadn't told him...he's one of the worst spellers ever.

PS: Grandpa and Grandmas have a picture coming to them. Aunts and Uncles will have to bookmark this page.

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