Thursday, November 12, 2009

Future Memories?

Last night during dinner we had fun conversations.  We were asking favorites of each other: five favorite foods, favorite thing to do, etc.  Mike asked if I remembered any conversations from when I was a kid at the dinner table.  I didn't remember anything specific, only that we always sat in the exact same spot.  Mike didn't remember any either (for those in his family, this will come as no great surprise).  He wondered if our kids would remember anything of last night's subjects.

This morning before leaving for school, Jake was telling us about someone at school.  Here's the conversation:

Jake:  A kid in my school says "fort" instead of "fart".  I told him it's pronounced "fAHrt".
Me:  I really don't think you need to talk like that at school.  We don't say "fart".
Maddie:  I don't.  I say "toot".
Jake:  Yeah.  I don't say "fart".  I say, "burp".
Me:  Just for clarification: a fart and a burp are not the same thing.
Jake:  I know.  But, a fart is really just a burp out of your butt.

And then they left for school and I remembered Mike's musings from last night and wondered if I really wanted them to remember some of these conversations.

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