Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Last night was the big debut of the costumes our kids have been very excited about.  Our friends hosted a party.  You may remember from last year that Mike and I decided we should dress up the day OF the party.  The party was Halloween day and we did the best we could.

Maddie chose to be Hannah Montana this year.  My mom had purchased a blond wig for her, but Maddie decided her real hair looked more authentic than the wig.  Once I convinced her that I had a general idea of how to fix her hair after looking up some Hannah pictures, she let me at it.  In preparation for her outfit we also spray-painted her black boots white.  These were in awful shape and getting too small so we decided this would be their final foray in fashion.  She had so much fun painting these.  When she finally got the hang of it she finished and said, "Wow!  I never knew I'd be so good at this!"

She was hugely excited to get to wear make-up.  She did not want to take that off at the end of the night.  She was very happy when we couldn't get off all the mascara.  I assured her it would be off by morning just by sleeping. 

Jake announced awhile ago that he would be Dracula.  I was thrilled because we already had this costume from a couple years ago with Maddie.  My mom had sewn a cummerbun and neck-tie and found a perfect cape.  Jake was so excited to get use the teeth that the make-up kit came with.  He asked daily to try them on.

After wearing them about five minutes he realized they were not very comfortable.  No one could understand him either.  We had tried telling him all along that he currently had the perfect tooth configuration to pull off a Dracula look all on his own and that's what he went with the for the rest of the night.

Mike and I didn't wait until the last minute like last year.  We got his accessories picked out early in the week.  I actually bought a $3 sheet set from Walmart and my mom sewed my costume in 30 minutes.  I gave it to her the night before so while it wasn't as last minute as last year, I have not lost my touch in waiting until the 11th hour to get things done.  And I still go to my mom to sew my Halloween costume.  Yes.  I'm 36.

We decided to reprise our roles from high school:

I decided that I can see where being a make-up artist would be kind of fun.  I also learned that we cannot allow only 25 minutes to get everyone into costumes.  We were very late to the party.  Oh well, one problem solved per year.  Next year we might actually have our act together.


Tracy said...

You all look great! Maddies hair looks awesome! Could you come over and do mine later today?

Anonymous said...

You all look so great - Wow. Maddie's hair is really cute - so is Maddie though! Jake and Mike look creepy but you look very angelic Kerry.

Missy said...

I hope everyone wasn't to scared at the boys. Very Very cute Maddie. Angels were watching over all of you (Kerry)