Monday, November 23, 2009


Actually I'll change that..."Rat!"

Maddie was lucky enough last week to be the random student whose name was drawn to take home one of the science experiment rats for the weekend. 

"Awesome" was all I had to say when I found out.  It was said with about as much enthusiasm as a period at the end of a sentence can muster.

So, Pe Pe (you know..."PePe le Pieu") joined our household on Friday afternoon.  Saturday morning I woke up and remembered that Mike had already left for the day and that we had a rat to feed and a cage to clean.


Maddie did most of the work (thank goodness).  She informed us a dog would be so much easier to take care of.  Interestingly she didn't have a problem handling the rodent.  She HATED touching a great deal of the food.  But, generally that's how both our kids handle fruits and vegetables.

Jake summed up the experience with this comment:

Look...they have the same eyes!

On Saturday Maddie told us PePe kept her awake a lot of the night from all the scratching noises she made.  By Sunday night at 2am Maddie was knocking on our door asking if she could sleep in the guest room because she couldn't take it anymore.

We dropped PePe off promptly at 8am on Monday morning.  Mike said he couldn't imagine it staying here a full week.  We now understand the shorthand of it's original namesake:  PePe LePEEEEUW!!!

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