Friday, November 20, 2009

Time Out with the Cousins

As I mentioned, while we were cooking our portion of Kay's birthday dinner, Missy (our sister-in-law) took her four kids and our two kids to Chuck E. Cheese.  Our nephew works there and was going to be Chuck E. that afternoon. 

Not that my kids would have protested going anyway, but seeing Steven in a Chuck E. costume was a big draw too.  Before leaving we had to give them explicit instructions not to refer to the big mouse as "Steven". 

I was only slightly nervous they would make a slip and get him fired.

All pictures are courtesy of our niece, Samantha.

Before shots:

Our kids with the big Cheese.  Chuck E.  Steven.

Jake won a prize and played it up when he got back to Kay's house.  He came in and said he had a nail through his finger.  I looked at yelled to Mike, "Oh man!  We have to take Jake to the emergency room!" 

Kay came racing in from the next room saying, "What?  What happened?  What?"

Will someone please teach my son to pull pranks with a different finger?

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missy said...

It was to too funny. I was driving and had to not laugh. Safety first!!!!!!!!!! But they all had fun. He had it on his pinky first.