Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Thanksgiving Tale

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I thought I would share writing Maddie turned in for class.  They had to write about their Thanksgiving traditions or a Thanksgiving meal from the past.

Thanksgiving at my grandparents is great!  All my family comes to my grandparents.  They all bring some kind of food.  Usually my uncle brings a turkey that he shot.  Once he shot one that was running around in his yard!  There is lots of food at my grandma & grandpa's house.  We eat all day!  We celebrate it by talking, playing, etc.  We sometimes get presents.  But it's always fun sharing some time with my whole family.

This story is complete fiction.  I don't remember a time we've ever exchanged presents on Turkey day. I'm pretty sure she intertwined the Thanksgiving and Christmas day celebrations.  More to the heart of the story though is that my brother, to the best of my knowledge, has never shot a gun.  I KNOW he's never shot a turkey.  I'm not even sure he owns camouflage clothing. 

A more accurate story would have begun with, "My Uncle Dan likes to spin a tall tale or two.  One year he told a humdinger about a pretend time he went hunting..."

But in the end I'm thankful for Maddie's writing style and that she can find inspiration in anything....even her uncle's tall-imaginative-exaggerated-but-fun-to-hear stories.

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Dan said...

First of all it wasn't a was an Ostrich in my was a teradactyl. And I didn't shoot it with a was a cannon....

....I love Maddie...