Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Heard Around Here

These are some fun conversations I've had with people recently:

With Ellie:

Ellie: What’s this?
Kerry: A Car. With Ronald McDonald.
E: Is this Kay-ens?
K: Is this Kerry’s?
E: No. Is this Kay-ens.
K: Is this Karen’s?
E: Who?
K: Karen’s?
E: No. Kay-ens.
K: Oh! Katelyn’s. No. It’s not Katelyn’s.
E: Is this Riley’s?
K No. It’s the Murphy’s.
E: No. It’s not the Murphy’s.
K: Yes. It belongs to Maddie and Jake.
E: It belongs to Ma-yee and Jake?
K: Yes.


E: It’s not Ashley’s?
K: No.
E: It’s not Kay-en’s?
K: No.

[sly smile]

E: It’s not Ellie’s?
K: Sorry. No


With Jake:

Kerry [upstairs]: Jake - you left your closet light on. Please come and turn it off.
Jake [downstairs]: Will you please turn it off for me? I'll give you $10. Really. I will!


With Mike:

Kerry: Jake just offered me $10 to turn off his light. I'm having a moral dilemma. Part of me really wants the $10. But I realize as his parent I should teach him that you can't just throw around money.
Mike: [just stares at me]
Kerry: I'm not going to take it. I've already checked. He doesn't have $10. HA. I'm kidding.
Mike: Good thing you at least make yourself laugh. It would be awfully quiet around here otherwise.

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stl82 said...

You make me laugh.