Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dinner Up North

As explained earlier, we decided to stay two nights at Gooseberry, but our cooler held enough food for one dinner and one more lunch.  We discussed our options and decided that we would head out for dinner at a local restaurant.  We decided to go sooner rather than later because three days without a shower in the outdoors possibly equals some ripe patrons.

After driving to Two Harbors we decided on Betty's Pies as our dining spot.  Mike and I had eaten here a couple years ago when we were skiing in Lutsen and we told the kids how these pies were "world famous".  I don't know if that's totally true - but I've seen the place adverstised in a few national magazines so we possibly embellished.

Oh how I long for a zoom lens.

Anyway  - We mostly started thinking about pies before we started thinking about dinner.

And since one of Mike's and my rules when choosing a restaurant had been "it has to be chains" we would have actually passed this by if we'd known they had a new restaurant in White Bear Lake.

Anyway - it's a cute little place.  We ordered pretty standard fair for food.  Burgers, mac & cheese and Mike got some walleye sandwich.  It's a busy place but the waitress was so nice and friendly.

I'm not going to say the food was the best ever.  It was okay.  But we jumped to the dessert menu pretty fast and started analyzing what the choices were. 

Scratch that.  "We" didn't start analyzing: Mike anazlyed.  He had no less than five questions about the various pies they had available that night.  Maddie, Jake and I all knew off the bat what we were ordering.  Mike's final choices were the French Blueberry Cream vs. the Toffee Cream vs. the Strawberry/Banana Cream.  And really? He's not a cream pie guy so this was very surprising.

The Strawberry/Banana Cream won out:

It was a basic Banana Cream on the bottom with sliced strawberries mixed in with a strawberry mousse type layer on top.  He said it was pretty good; interesting - so he was happy.

Maddie ordered the Mint Chocolate:

She thought it was good, but definitely had a strong mint flavor.

Jake and I ordered the same thing: 5 Layer Chocolate Cream:

We couldn't figure out the five layers.  But, we assumed they meant five chocolate layers.  Maybe they included the pie crust as one layer though. 

Jake ate his layer by layer.  Seriously:

And as I thought would happen - he couldn't finish his and I couldn't finish mine.  Honestly, I'm not a huge pie fan (I are thinking, "Why Betty's Pies then, weirdo??").  I knew a couple bites would fill me up so we could have shared a piece easily.  We boxed it up for our cooler but unfortunately the ice melted before we had a chance to replenish it and Mike never got to eat the leftovers he was looking forward to.

We headed to the grocery store to fill up for our other meals and back to camp.

And I'll just show you the game of choice anytime we were in camp:

I don't think it had an actual title; I think they just said, "Let's play The Game."  But they each stood on that cement line (which was a curb overgrown with grass/mud) and...

The first one to have their foot touch grass lost.  Jake is quite a scrapper.  He came out ahead in quite a few of the games.  No matter - this provided endless minutes of entertainment while we sat at camp waiting for dark to come and the fire to be stoked up. 

The favorite activity after dark?  Sitting around the fire and getting to ask whatever question we came up with and everyone had to answer it.  "What one person would you like to meet dead or alive?"  "What language would you learn if you could and why?" "If you were given a million dollars, what would you do".  I can't even remember all the questions, but there were far better ones than those.  Maddie and Jake loved this and couldn't wait to do it again the second night.  Guess we found a new family activity instead of movie night!

Lake Superior up next!

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