Monday, September 6, 2010

Lake Superior

After dinner on our second night, we finally decided to take a walk to see Lake Superior.  The kids were very excited to see it.

See that tiny little bit of water in the distance...lower right?  Above that is all fog.  That's pretty much what greeted us from far away: fog.  We got to see the water, but we had to be right on the edge of the lake.  Very eerie! (And it wasn't even that lake!  HA!)

Mike and I loved the picnic tables...handmade during the 1930's when the rest of the camp was built.
All this fog didn't stop our exploration though.  The kids loved climbing all over the lava rocks and exploring the massive water-filled holes.

They both loved this particular rock - it was a bit trickier to climb on top of - and once up there they saw that there was another divet completely filled with water which made it even more precarious!

We did make it down to the shore and Maddie and Jake were so excited to feel how cold the water was. COLD! The information we read said the water temp averaged around 40 degrees!  We kept warning them to keep their feet dry - we only had so many pairs of socks and only one pair of shoes per person!  They pushed that warning as far as they could...

A little further along it was interesting to see how this inlet hardly had any fog compared to the larger expanse of the lake.  It was also crazy to me that in all the years since this "barrier" had been built that it hadn't been redone.  This is all that separated someone and a 20-30 foot drop into rocks.  Honestly, I was okay with it - I can't imagine a giant fence here.  But in this day and age of "safety precautions" and lawsuits, I expected a lot more. 

We explored a little further along...

We thought this bench was great.  It was in such a neat spot to look out over the inlet area and so peaceful.  And so old.  As much as carving might be something to not teach your kids, it was neat to read all the old "inscriptions".

This bench will make a comeback in future pictures.

Anyway - we walked down around and into the lower part of the bay area and the fog started rolling in.

We watched a guy pile these rocks on the edge of the larger rocks.  We couldn't believe that the crashing waves didn't wash it away. 

It was getting really chilly and dark so we started to head back to camp for the night where we sat around the campfire and took turns answering questions of each other.  When we asked if the lake or the falls were more impressive the kids decided the lake was the best part of the day.  I was surprised by their answer. 

Happily surprised.



Anonymous said...

sounds like you had a fun vacation!!! Love all the pictures!!! especially the last one on this post!!!

Samantha said...

I said the last comment. sorry i commented before putting who it was from.