Friday, September 10, 2010

Split Rock

After that excruciating fishing hike, we weren't done with the day's fun.

Split Rock Lighthouse is conveniently located between Tettegouche Park (where we fished) and Gooseberry (where we were camped).  We stopped on the way back to camp to see Split Rock.  Previously, every time we drove past it and saw it from the road someone would always yell, "There's Split Rock!" or "There's the lighthouse!" 

"Hey look, kids...there's Big Ben."  That's what it always reminded me of.

After our exhausting hike, we got to Split Rock with a little time to kill before going on the tour.  We occupied our time:

The tour was not what I expected, but not bad.  It was informative and short.  I thought we'd be taken through everything but not so.  They explained a few things about the lighthouse and it's history, but once it was time to actually head into the lighthouse, they sent us on our merry way. 

It's the 100th year of the lighthouse so I imagine they've had quite a bit of visitors.  We were all quite surprised at how small the lighthouse actually was.  Very deceiving from pictures.

We walked through one of the three houses for the lightkeepers and then headed down a path which led to approximately 195 steps to the lake.  After our hike all I could think was how awful that climb up was going to be.

But the view was pretty cool:

And pulling out my Ansel Adams again...

Maddie and Jake had another round of walking around rocks on the lake's shore. 

There's a book out for the 100th birthday that contains photographs from different angles.  I can see where the photographer was intrigued by the subject.  After hearing some of the history of the building and the people, it's an interesting subject to play around with.

But some other subjects are cuter than that tiny little lighthouse in the distance.

Further along the shore there were piles and piles of rocks that people had assembled.  Jake was inspired.

He created his own artwork.  We tried to guess how long his creation would last along the shore.

We thought maybe in a couple years we should go back to visit and see if it was still in one piece.

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