Thursday, September 16, 2010


Jake has a new-found love in the clothing department: button down shirts.

We did a tiny amount of school clothes shopping this year.  I'm waiting until winter/fall stuff goes on sale.  But, each kid was allowed a few new items to pick out for the start of the year. 

Jake informed me when we first started shopping that he really liked those shirts with the buttons - and then you wear a white t-shirt under it, but the shirts unbuttoned and hanging out...he went into great detail. All I saw were pictures of the extra ironing I was going to be doing.

This particular shirt (which reminds me of a lumberjack) was his absolute favorite find.  He's been waiting for the right temperature outside to be able to wear this shirt and today fit the bill!  He was THRILLED to be able to put this on!

And those shoes?  Youza.  When he came home from the store and showed them to Mike, my husband looked at me, shook his head and said, "You failed him as a mother when you let him pick those out."  I agreed.  They don't look horrible when he's wearing a matching shirt.  But when he sports the other orange and green button down with khaki shorts?  Ugh. 

But, we aren't wearing them and he loves them.  That's my mantra every morning when he leaves.

I told Jake I would be posting this today and he said, "Make sure you say...'do you notice anything else about Jake?'"

So, do you?  Let me give you a hint...

Last night at about 5:10 I had a knock on my piano studio door and I quickly opened it.  Our kids know not to knock unless it's an emergency.  I popped open the door and Jake held up his tooth and said, "My tooth fell out!"  I told him congrats, thanks for sharing, closed the door and heard the mom who was sitting in on her son's lesson snicker. 

I exude such professionalism.

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Sheri said...

Jake's individualism takes me back to a night when Andrew called me from a friend's house wondering if I could take him to Cub to get some hair dye. His friend had already colored his hair (without my permission) and it turned smurf blue. We had to dye it black. He thought it was awesome. I died every time my "blond" boy went out the door. Can't wait to see Mike's face if that happens!