Sunday, September 12, 2010

Laundry Board

No, I'm not hand washing our laundry.  But the first week of September was vacation for me from teaching and I finally tackled a project that I had been thinking about all summer.

I read the book "Junk Beautiful" which had several ideas for people to repurpose used/old items.  They had created this laundry board using an old wood firescreen.  They attached old nails/bolts and a chicken carrier to have shelves and places to hang things.  I loved it and it was exactly what I wanted for the laundry room.  I really wanted one place to hang our keys, a place for a scissor and pens as well as a spot to collect the change I find in pockets.  I actually found the logo which had been painted onto their firescreen and enlarged it to copy it onto my boards.

The closer it got to making it though, the more I was thinking that having a board with our last name on it would have been a lot more personal and fitting.  One night I searched the internet and came across the logo image from "Murphy's Doghouse" in Chicago.  (Which I would link to, but it's under construction.)  I thought it would be perfect since it was going in our dog's "room" (the dog being the only reason we actually got a "new" laundry room) and it had our last name.

I went through the same process of creating it as I did with our bingo board.  This was a little more involved though because it required a picture, so it involved a lot of cutting and tracing of the logo.  But, I'm really excited for how it turned out.

Ta Daaaaaa...

Thanks to my dad's collection, I found some really old, giant screws.  They were perfect.  I hung the mason jars from some wire and that thing at the bottom was something found at Goodwill for $1.  It holds all our outgoing mail.

Now just a couple pictures of Sadie as a puppy to hang in there (which I really just have to print and hang) and this room will be complete.


Sue H said...

VERY cool!

Sheri said...

You are so creative Kerry! I just want a little of it, please??