Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy First Birthday!

Remember her?

We just hung these pictures in the laundry room.  We've all commented how we can't believe Sadie's gotten so big and how we wish she could go back to being this small.

But, the girl's growing up. Yesterday was her first birthday.  As you can guess, Maddie was the first to make note of this special day.  By 6:30am when we got downstairs Maddie had already prepared Sadie's birthday cake:

That is dog biscuits covered by peanut butter with Honey Nut Cheerio filling.  Maddie wanted a candle, but we declined.  Then she went to feed the entire thing to our dog and Mike and I both vetoed that.  Still, we all sang to her and Sadie did get a bite or two of her cake.  By 7am she was one crazy dog.

Sadie also received a new toy which she loves and which, in one day, she has almost managed to destroy.  I would show you a picture, but I fear loss of my hand in trying to take it from her. 

She's grown a lot in one year and she's learned a lot as well.  While we are still struggling through the puppy phase (which I hear magically disappears at age 2...11 months, 29 days to go) we do have to remind ourselves that we do have a pretty smart puppy and for the most part, a pretty lovable one.

Here's a little video of her recent accomplishments.  Maddie hopes to teach her how to shake next. 

Happy first birthday, Sadie!

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Sheri said...

I am so impressed!! Go Sadie, and everyone who spent all that time training her. Awesome!!