Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Maddie and Mike are so done with winter.  They are not fans of cold.  They are not fans of snow.  Any appearance of these two things after Christmas is hardly tolerable.  There has been a LOT of grumbling the last couple weeks.

So this week when I was grocery shopping and saw that strawberries were on sale I thought I'd try to buy their happiness.  This afternoon Maddie got home and saw I was cleaning the strawberries and was so excited to see one of her favorite treats.

EXCEPT...I said no to her request to eat them.  I told her I had to take a picture of them.  She said, "Of course you do."  She rolled her eyes while saying this!  [gasp!]  What is she trying to tell me?!?

So, I piled these pretty, red specimens into our ONE colored dish.  (Seriously - the only one, which I find sad.)  I then headed out and plopped them on a pile of snow.  It was hard to find one, but I managed.

They looked so pretty, even I might have been tempted to try one.

Except I really wasn't.  Blech.  And seeds.  Double blech.

But I got my picture of the day.

Then I took my frozen self inside and let Maddie have this special treat I bought just for her and Mike.

And, apparently, me.

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