Monday, February 7, 2011

Souperbowl Sunday

Yesterday we hosted my family over for a "Soup-erbowl" Party.  We had three different soups and some bread and chips.  Yummy!

Mike and I had to run some errands that afternoon and Maddie and Jake stayed home and went into decorating mode.  They had decided to cheer for the Packers.  I told them they were grounded, but they assured me they would go back to cheering for the Vikings once the season began next fall. 

Guests were greeted in the family room with this:

This sign led them downstairs to where we all found a spot on the couch:

When my sister's family arrived Maddie asked Austin if he was cheering for the Packers.  He replied in a very commanding - never-give-up voice:

"I am NOT cheering for the Packers.  They are the Vikings enemy.  I will NEVER cheer for the Packers."

My sister stood behind him beaming and mentioned how proud she was that he was such a good listener.

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