Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thanks, Mom

Since it's February and Valentine stuff is all over, I thought I'd post our new valentine wreath!  It's actually been up since mid-January.  It's the easiest wreath I've put together yet, because I didn't have to do anything except hang it!

This heart wreath was made by my mom last year and she entered it into the State Fair.  And she won!!  So, we have an award winning wreath hanging on our door!

Originally I intended to just hang the red wreath on our red door, but I thought the colors would clash.  Then I realized it fit perfectly over our white wreath.  I love how it changes the center shape and gives some simple interest.

I thought I'd try a new angle this time.  Didn't work great - too much reflection, but it gives a view as if driving by on our street.  The heart wreath is a TON of little red felt circles squished on to a heart shape wreath.  I mean squished.  I'm really not sure how it was made, but I love the texture against the white wreath.

So, thanks, mom, for doing all the work!

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