Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Flight Time

Jake participated in his first archery tournament last Saturday.  It threw me off that the email we got referred to his "flight time".  I kept picturing him piloting a jet.

He started lessons last Monday and signed up for the tournament that was taking place five days later.  Nothing like jumping right in.

His coach called and talked to Mike about placing Jake in the age category one above him.  I'm not sure why or how we were able to do this, but the coach had checked with the officials and it was okay by them.  So, Jake participated with kids in 4th grade through 6th, I believe.

He said he felt like a midget.  Which is funny, because I do believe that one of the reasons the coach placed him here was so that he didn't feel like a giant with all the kindergartners.

There was some confusion as to who was standing where and so the officials had to come over and sort things out.  I, however, didn't know this and thought they were going over to kick him out for some reason before the competition even started.

He held his own.  He shot pretty well at 10 meters (we are going to call it meters - I think that's what they measure in).  He was excited that he got two bullseyes at this range.

Unfortunately he's not able to use his own bow.  I'm not really sure why; honestly seems kind of dumb to me - why get one if he can't even use it and get used to how it feels?  But they didn't ask my opinion.

(Sometimes I wish the world would ask my opinion.  Sometimes I think it would run smoother if they did.  Mike would laugh at this though because I can't make a decision on where to eat out to save my life.)

It was interesting to watch.  Whistles blowing, commands given and these kids got up and down like they'd been doing it for years...not five days.

They moved on to 15 meters and things got tricky.  Jake's arrows hit just as many of the targets beside him as his own.  In his defense, I don't think he'd ever shot that far before.

After the first round of 15 meters one of his coaches came up to me saying he was in the wrong group.  This confused me because I knew Mike had talked to Jake's coach about it so I thought maybe the guy was quite forgetful.  Turns out there are two coaches.  The officials had come up to the one that hadn't talked to them and told him that Jake was in the wrong group.  I'm still befuddled by the whole thing.  The coach also wanted to assure me that Jake was actually doing fine in this group.  Yes, his shots were a little wonky at 15 meters, but in case I was going to get concerned, there was no need.

No need for him to worry either.  I thought Jake was rocking it!  He looked like he was having fun, and he was certainly doing better than I ever would have!

As for scoring, we really have no idea how he did.  Jake's team's round was done before the whole event was over and we haven't received an email from his coach and Jake doesn't have another class for a week.  Still, Jake's anxious for the next tournament and said he had tons of fun.  Can't ask for more than that!

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