Saturday, February 19, 2011

Eagle Eyes

Driving home this afternoon it was pretty quiet in the car until we were about three minutes from home and passing a large farm field near us. 

Mike said, "Did anyone else see that?  Were those eagles?"  He slowed down and pulled over and I barely saw two large birds in the field.  I said that was interesting, but surely they wouldn't be eagles just sitting there.  Probably turkeys.

Mike wasn't convinced, so he turned around and drove back.  Sure enough there were two eagles sitting out there.  One was feasting and we are pretty sure one was on the lookout.  We were entranced.  (Well, most of us were, Jake had an absolute goal of finishing his Harry Potter book before we got home.)  I said how I WISHED I had my camera with us.  Mike said, "That would definitely make a great picture of the day."  Then he turned around and drove us home and told me to just run in and get the camera.

So I did....

I tried shooting from the car, but even zoomed in all the way, they were still halfway across the field. 

So I manually zoomed.  Mike warned me to just be careful and not get attacked.  So, I hopped out, and took a few steps, then took some shots.

And that's how the next five minutes went.  Shoot a picture, move up three feet.  Shoot a picture, move up three feet.  Across the field full of ice and manure.

I didn't know Maddie had hopped out too.  And Mike didn't want to yell at her to stop following me because he didn't want to scare them off and get his two girls attacked.

Apparently we look like easy prey.
Maddie was behind me trying to coach me on the best shots to a sort-of whisper/yell voice. time your camera clicks they look up.  Try to get them looking up.

 A nature photographer I am not.  I was just hoping to get them in focus.

But, I did get my shot for the "Picture of the Day".

And they finally got spooked enough to fly away.  At least to fly away about 200 feet.  I wasn't going to chase them.  Not in an icy field full of manure.  There's only so much I'm willing to do for a picture of the day.

And when we got home, Jake had finished his book.  He vaguely remembered us talking about the eagle but didn't really see anything when he spared his nano-second glance.  Good thing I have pictures to prove it!