Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Look

At the end of the school year, Jake was squinting quite a bit and his teacher was having him sit closer to the front when they were working off the board.  We headed to the eye doctor and sure enough, he needed some glasses.

They finally arrived late last week and I've never seen a kid so anxious to get them on!  His glasses were all we heard about for the two weeks they took to arrive (ridiculous amount of time, I think!). 

He got two pair.  One to be kept in hiding until the first pair eventually possibly breaks. 

These are the ones he's currently sporting:

We were both surprised we liked the above pair.  He loves them and knew from the start that this was the pair he was going to wear all summer.

He chose this pair to wear in the fall back to school when the other pair will go into hibernation:

If you look closely, this pair has a tiny red spot on each side.  So the glasses are red and black making them his school colors. 

Luckily we found these.  The first pair he wanted were built more like the top picture, but had giant streaks of red and black along the sides.  He looked like Elton John.  Unfortunately they were beyond our budget.  Such a shame.

We all like what he chose and thankfully he can see now and still remarks about the difference they make.  His correction, according to the doctor, isn't all that steep.  But to Jake they make a world of difference!

As for me, I'm going to have to review how to take pictures of people in glasses again to get rid of as much glare as possible!  I'm sure he'll love being my model for that!

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Aunt Missy said...

Wow He looks sharp. I like the first picture. But the second one looks cool too.