Saturday, July 9, 2011


Yesterday we went out on my parents' pontoon with Tracy and her kids and my parents.  We were all going to test out mom and dad's new toy - a tube to pull behind the pontoon.

This post has a lot of pictures.  I'm sorry - I'm terrible at editing down to a select few; I'm getting better but still not good.  So...less words, more pics.

It was Austin's birthday so he was the first one to get pulled.  He and Tracy tested the waters together:

Jake was next and I went with him.  This kid has been looking forward to this trip since he heard a tube was purchased!

Maddie was next and I felt bad going two times in a row.  I asked if anyone else wanted a turn and my dad was convinced to go along.  Despite not being prepared: no swimsuit, no towel. 

The first picture is looks like my dad is trying to flip them...knowing my dad (and I'm sure his sisters will agree) there was probably some mischief making ideas going on in his head...

Next up were the Runchey girls.  I thought they'd be nervous, but they were not in the least!

We weren't finished yet though.  These yahoos wanted to go together.  We laid out the rules for them: hands and feet inside the boat at all times.  Tracy and I were both sure to get verbal acknowledgements from our boys to know they heard and understood the rules.  We aren't dumb.

Riley wanted a turn with Maddie -

Finally Maddie and I got a ride together...we were really bumping around.  It was almost tiring!

Ellie convinced Grandma to go as well.  Again...not prepared.  No swimsuit, no towel.  White pants...what a grandma won't do.

While they were waiting to start Ellie asked my mom if she was scared.  My mom said she was a little and Ellie replied, "Don't worry, Grandma.  There's nothing to be scared about."

Then they started and my mom was a little surprised I guess.  I love Ellie's look at her though...

The girls couldn't pull the tube back to the boat to get off.  Jake was only too happy to jump in and swim out to rescue them. 

That large red blob is him.  His life jacket was an adult size.  He definitely wasn't going under!

The rest of the time was spent jumping and swimming in the lake between unloading/loading of the tube.  I think the kids had more fun swimming in the lake than tubing.  The outing was declared a major success and I know my kids can't wait to go again!

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Sue H said...

What a hoot! Looks like a refreshing way to spend a hot summer day.