Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Anniversary Gift

Starting around our 10 year anniversary I told Mike that for our 15th anniversary we were going to get new dishes.  I repeated this anytime I thought appropriate.  He didn't believe it was necessary.  Then our plates started chipping and cracking and by this year we were down to six plates for the four of us - and those plates weren't pretty, but they hadn't completely busted up yet.

ON our 15th anniversary we actually started looking at some sets.  We found a couple we liked a lot, but realized it's a lot easier to pick out dishes when they are going on a registry and you aren't paying for them.

Instead of redeeming our credit card points for airline tickets, we turned them in for gift cards and are now the happy owners of these:

Everything here that isn't white is old.  Those cups on the bottom left?  Being replaced soon enough; I don't mind plastic cups once in awhile but I think we are ready to make more of a commitment to meals and plastic doesn't feel that way to me.

I honestly wasn't sure I was going to love these dishes - the mugs weren't selling it for me.  I'm happy to report though that they've grown on me.  Our coffee maker has a size perfect for them and I've grown used to the handle.  Mike likes the mugs a lot too.  He's asked me no less than three times if I still love "my" new dishes.  I informed him they were his too, though he insists they aren't. 

You know who else loves these dishes?  The kids!  They've remarked at each meal since we got them that they really liked how the food looked on them!  They thought the baked beans we served last night were really pretty!  We are creating little foodies with these!  However - they did comment that they didn't care for the dishes with waffles; the plates left no room for extra syrup on the side.

We cleaned out all the old stuff.  We'll try selling it in a future garage sale (very NEAR future!) or giving it to Goodwill.  We boxed up all the fancy schmancy wine glasses and goblets we were given for our wedding.  Then we wondered why we'd ever registered for it.  Almost all the glasses still had the original stickers on them; clearly they didn't see a lot of use over 15 years.

Now we have to start figuring out what to get/do for our 20th!

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