Friday, July 22, 2011


It all started when we first woke up.  Mike - who rarely gets a headache, woke up with one bad enough to make him go back to sleep another 50 minutes until he had to be in a conference call. 

It went downhill from there starting with my first emails over breakfast.  It included three trips to Office Max to make copies.  Three trips not because they made a mistake, but because I was a complete moron and first didn't even have the right paper to copy (discovered after making 1/3 of the copies I needed) and the second and third because I had made and distributed the correct fliers - only to find out I had marked down the wrong date. 

Two times out delivering said fliers to the neighborhood.  Maddie was along for both rides, thank goodness or it would have taken forever!

By dinner Mike and I just started laughing over everything because we realized I had taken out the wrong chicken for dinner.  It was all a bunch of little things, really, but they just start to add up and wear down a person during the day.  We figured we might as well laugh.

Then as I was whisking the sauce for our incorrect chicken we heard a loud crash come from the oven.  When we slowly opened it, we found this:

And then we laughed some more.  And then we called everyone in to go out for dinner.

But at the end of the day, what really stuck out to me was this conversation Maddie had with me after our second round of distributing fliers.  I thanked her immensely for helping and she said:

"Mom - I'll always help you.  Even when I'm 80, and you're, like, 100?  And you want me to knit something?  And I have arthritis?  I'll still do it for you."

It's just not possible to have a bad day when that's included.


Sheri said...

Oh man Kerry, that baking dish looks scary. I don't even know how that could happen. I'm glad that your day ended with such a precious moment. Did you remind her that she might be changing your diapers too???

Sue H said...

that is pretty scary! I've read that you shouldn't put glass in the oven while it's preheating because some ovens use the broiler to preheat, but your potatoes look pretty well done so it probably wasn't preheating. Going out was a good call!