Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Turning 12

This past weekend Maddie turned the big 1-2.  She's on the homestretch for entering those teenage years!

She wasn't so excited to get up at 6:45 on Sunday morning for church.  She was especially not excited to learn they were still staying for two services despite it being her birthday.

To make up for that, we had donuts for her on Saturday morning - when she finally woke up and came down she said, "You got donuts for me!?!"  

On Sunday we brought her present from us and her gifts from Iowa to church. Between services we headed to Caribou where she got her hot chocolate and opened gifts there. She received a couple Barnes and Noble cards. They dropped me off at church for service #2 and headed to the store to kill time in a more fun way than sitting in the Narthex. However, service #2 ends at 11:45. At B&N they thought they were going to be late picking me up. Turns out they read the clock wrong and it was 10:45 when they got back to church so they ended up sitting in the Narthex anyway. At least she had found an interesting book to keep her occupied.

After church we headed to Old Country Buffet at her request.  She was very happy and very full.

We lounged around the rest of the afternoon.  Our Minnesota family came over later that day and we had a great time swimming and hanging out.  Pizza was Maddie's request for dinner followed by a delicious Dairy Queen cake!

We hope all her wishes this year come true!

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