Friday, July 8, 2011

Party Boat

For the Fourth we headed to my parents' house for some dinner preceded by a croquet game (which Maddie and I did not win).  Afterward we headed out on my parents' pontoon to see the fireworks from the lake.

Yes...that's a Christmas blanket for a tablecloth - but it was red and if we imagined really hard the snowflakes look like fireworks.

Anyway - this year for the dessert Maddie and I made dipped strawberries:

They were a little harder to make than I imagined, but once we figured out a system we did this pretty fast.

They were a hit!  Mike was dubious, but liked them.  Ellie LOVED them.  We only had a few left!

They say couples that have been together awhile start to look alike... these guys have the same smirk...

Lots of fireworks that night by the lake residents.  Plus we saw a few other towns' fireworks.  We were even in a spot where we heard the DJ at one of the parties.  I took a million pictures, but as I suspected, the waves didn't help capture any very well. 

But it was fun to see the fireworks reflected in the water (which Maddie was first to notice to make sure I got a picture of that!)

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Sheri said...

OK, I WANT those strawberries. YUM!! And, no kidding about Tracy and Rob starting to look alike. Too funny. Give your parents a hug for me. I miss them.