Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Awesome Crap Sale!

Today was the beginning of our "Awesome Crap Sale!"

Some people refer to these things as garage sales.  Not us.  A little over a month ago my sister, my mom and I set a date for a garage sale.  Tracy has been the most diligent about getting things prepared.  She cleaned out her basement - or at least most of it.  Mom aimed to get rid of a lot of furniture and possibly some other awesome crap.  This past Monday to celebrate Memorial Day we ambushed our kids and ransacked their rooms for things to sell.

We also needed signs and last night Maddie and I worked on those.

(all photos by Maddie)

First we walked through Joann's to get supplies.

We planned our art by first penciling in everything.  We later discovered this was a mistake and free-handing was our best bet.

It was at this point that I think Maddie was more excited to take pictures than to paint.  I was shocked (and so proud!) when she said, "This TOTALLY has to go on the blog!"

We had such success last year with our Wednesday sale that we decided to do it again this year.

The finalized piece of art...

Well, that one does kind of look like crap.  There were a ton of paint smears while trying to erase pencil marks.  Hence, everything was drawn free-hand after this and things were much nicer looking!

Today was our first day...BUSY!  The first people (from our Craigslist ad) showed up around 10am.  They were super nice and decided to come back at 1pm (we had no money and were not even all set up).  I hung our signs around 11am and by the time I returned around 11:30 my parents were crazy busy with all the traffic!  For about an hour it was SOLID business for all three of us and Tracy's poor kids were in the background trying to remind us that they existed and were hungry!!  Don't worry...I tossed some graham crackers their way to keep them nourished.

And people loved our signs...some even told us that it was the only reason they had come to the sale...just out of curiosity.  One lady even said, "You know, I saw your signs and I gotta do have some awesome crap here!"  No false advertising from us!

Tomorrow is Day #2 of the "Awesome Crap Sale".  I know Mike is walking around our house wondering what he can add to the garage.  I think my parents were planning on adding more.  I don't know if Tracy even has anything else left in her house, but if so...I bet it'll have a tag on it by tomorrow morning!

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Sheri said...

What a great idea! I love love love that Maddie had the camera in her hand. She did a great job on the pictures, and seems to have a natural "eye"! So exciting!