Sunday, May 27, 2012

Track Day

School's winding down and last week Jake had his Track and Field Day at school.  It was a gorgeous afternoon with a lot of sun and a nice breeze.

First up was the 50 yard dash...

After that was the hula-hoop.  He came in second on this one.  It always amazes me 1) how many boys sign up for this and 2) how crazy good these kids (girls and boys) are at it!  The teacher has them walk forward/backward, jump, get on their knees and back up, walk on their knees.  This year he ran out of things for them to do before everyone was disqualified so the girls ended up having to hula with their arms at their sides and then try to get the hoop around their necks - and he had to do this a couple times before there was a winner!

The third event was the much anticipated tug-of-war between the classes.  The kids really get into this, but the parents are on the sidelines cheering just as hard as if they were pulling the rope themselves!  

Last up was the shoe-kick...

With that the afternoon at the fields ended and everyone is one step closer to the last day of school!

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