Tuesday, May 8, 2012

An Evening of Music

My students' recital was last Friday night.  This meant it was also Maddie and Jake's recital as well.

Thank goodness Jake likes to dress up.  He actually likes wearing ties and didn't flinch when figuring out what to wear.  He looked nice and he did a great job!  He played a Sonatina in C (a very classical sounding piece) and a song call "Turbocharged".  As you might have guessed, song #2 was pretty fast.  I've actually had to tell him several times during practices that he needed to slow it down.

Maddie wasn't too fond of getting dressed up for this event.  We butted heads a little, but I won.  She looked great and also did a really nice job.  Most of her practice time was spent on "Flight of the Bumble Bee".  Last year she played a pretty modern sounding piece.  I loved it - Mike wasn't such a big fan.  After hearing the Bumble Bee song for a couple weeks, he asked me if she could ever play a "normal" song.  I told him she didn't particularly care for my "normal" suggestions.  I found her other piece and asked her to play it - but mostly to make Mike feel better.  This piece was "Hungarian Fantasy" and had a lovely slow section followed by a fast section.  Mike's already put in a style request for next year's recital.

I don't normally sit on stage with my students.  I wish I hadn't had to, but we had some music blowing issues and I didn't want that to interrupt their playing so I was there "just in case".  I think I have it figured out for next year how to remedy this.

At the end of the recital I asked Maddie and another student to play a duet I had found.  I'm always explaining to my students how classical music and pop music can, and often are, very closely related.  I usually get rolled eyes or some giggles.  I found the piece "Lady Ga-Ga Fugue" and these two practiced so hard together.  I loved the piece and they had a good time playing it.

As they entered and exited stage, they decided to dress the part and each wore a "crazy" pair of sunglasses; Lady Ga-Ga inspired!

As the teacher, I was very proud of all my students.  As a mom I was super proud of these two!

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