Sunday, May 20, 2012

Spring Rituals

Last night when we got home from dinner Mike decided to look at our sprinkler system.  He was in India last week and I had emailed him to let him know that, despite my best efforts (including trying to get the sprinkler system to run, and ultimately watering by hand), there was a good chance all our grass was going to die before he returned.

It didn't completely die, but it isn't pretty.  During testing the kids thought it would be a great idea to start off the warm season with some sprinkler runs.

Now, it had been 90 degrees on Friday and around 85 on Saturday.  However, they decided to run through the sprinklers at about 8:15pm.  It was starting to cool down.  The water certainly wasn't heated...I think it was a shock to both their systems.  I apologize to any neighbors who had already laid their little kids down for the night.  Our children's screams probably woke them up!

Once they got used to it though, they couldn't stop.  Well, Maddie would stop but Jake wouldn't and then Maddie would be right back in the game.

This lasted until Mike finished testing the front sprinklers and tested the back ones.  Then the kids decided to warm up in their towels and air dry by jumping up and down...

We all headed to the back to check on Mike to make sure he was doing everything correctly.  Maddie thought she'd test out the pool waters (the leak being recently found and patched) and was probably wondering if we'd kick her out.  It was dirty.  It was cold.

I figured "More power to you" - as long as she wasn't asking me to join in.  The water was 70 degrees.  Pretty soon she decided she was going under and came up yelling, then realized she was fine.  Jake went off the diving board and came up screaming.  When he realized he wasn't an icicle they stayed in the pool for another 15-20 minutes.


But we can say that all "water contraptions" in our yard have been tested and they are definitely ready for the summer months ahead!

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Sheri said...

They are CRAZY!! Oh to be a kid. :)