Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day for matter what

Saturday the kids woke up fairly excited because there was actually snow on the ground. They had breakfast and raced to get outside. Maddie wanted to shovel the deck and Jake wanted to go sledding. Maddie changed her mind about 10 seconds later and decided sledding was the ticket.

All this for the less-than-one-inch accumulation we had.

Jake jumped on his sled and...moved about 3 inches. Not to be outdone by Mother Nature he pulled up his sled, and took another running leap. This got him 3 inches further than before. This cycle repeated until he was about halfway down the hill and I suggested he and Maddie move to the driveway where, although there wasn't more accumulation there was the possibility of more icy conditions.

So they both tried this. I think the whole process was abandoned in less than five minutes. "A" for effort though.

That night they weren't daunted and came up with all new sledding possibilities.
Speeds reached in excess of 5mph once they got the toboggan style going...

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samantha said...

the good thing is that they tried and thats what i would do!!!!