Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gifts Revealed

So, I can finally show those three large projects that I finished awhile back. I had finished all three of these projects in one fabulous week (that has yet to be repeated) but couldn't show them because they were all gifts. Well, the last gift was given this weekend so here's the update:

The first gift given was actually begun well over a year ago. I know...way to stay on task, Kerry. Anyway, it was a scrapbook for my parents documenting our memories from their house. I started it when they first put their house on the market, and never finished it because they took it off the market. Then they put it back on and by the time it sold I realized I better get in gear. Tracy, Dan and I each wrote a letter to mom and dad about our memories growing up here, and basically all wished them luck in their new house. It turned out great and we left them instructions to open their "gift" over coffee at Caribou after they signed the official papers on their closing. I got a call from Dan shortly after they received the book saying he had just gotten off the phone with mom who called to thank him - he said that he could barely understand her because she was sobbing so hard. Guess sending them to such a public place wasn't the greatest plan. I also don't have a picture. It was a red cover with scrapbook pages inside. You'll have to use your imagination.

Then next gift was for my mother-in-law, Kay. I started teaching myself to knit earlier this year. I love it, but I'm not the type of person that likes to learn something by just "practicing" it. I didn't want to just learn by knitting a bunch of rows, undoing them and knitting them again. I need an actual project to do or I get bored. So, I went to Michael's and found a book on knitting afghans that included the basic stitches yet were really pretty. I actually started her blanket way back in April. Here's a little secret that Kay will find out: it was actually intended to be her Mother's Day gift. But you know what I learned? It takes way longer to knit a blanket than I first assumed. Hence, it turned out to be her birthday present in November. I believe it was her 39th birthday - again.

The last gift was given this weekend. In learning knitting I wanted to also take on something that went beyond just knitting something flat. Blankets and dishrags are great to learn on, but I wanted to learn how to make something that I could actual see a shape in. So, at the library I found a book that contained the cutest little baby sweater and hat. And it was all rectangles (easy) that I just crocheted together. Good beginner sweater. Luckily my mom has all the crochet needles and know-how so I had her teach me how to actually finish it up. This is the book that I have had in my possession from the library for well over 5 months I think - all without any late fees. Now I can return it. This gift was for Riley for her baptism. I don't know if she'll actually ever be able to wear it but it was fun learning to make it.

My current project is knitting a poncho for Maddie. She picked out all of the colors herself. I'll post that when it's finished. Hopefully before the end of winter. This winter. I'd like it to still fit her by the time it's finished.

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