Saturday, November 1, 2008 SO many ways....

Last night we had a Halloween party to attend. I told my friend I would attend on the stipulation that I wouldn't have to dress up. I'm not a huge fan of Halloween in terms of all that. I think I'm a Halloween Scrooge.

Anyway - Mike thought we should definitely dress up. But nothing ever really came of that conversation (a conversation we had almost daily). Then it was 3pm on Friday afternoon and I asked him again if he really thought we should - he said he really thought we should so he finished work quickly so we could see what Target and Party City had left.

In the meantime Maddie and I did some research on the Internet and found the perfect costume for him. When we told him he said there was no way he was going as "that". But, Target had nothing to offer for adults and Party City was a zoo. Maddie and I snagged what would help our cause and Mike finally relented.

So, at 4:30pm it was chaos here. Mike and I headed upstairs to get him ready. We threw in some chicken nuggets to cook while we dolled him up. Maddie and Jake thought they should get ready at that exact moment so between the three of them I was running around trying to make sure everyone had their proper attire.

At 5pm we ate dinner and I still didn't have a costume. I suggested going dressed as a regular person wearing a sign that said, "Nudist on Strike". Mike didn't think that was so funny. Then I came up with my other idea that required no costume buying and we were set.

So, without further's our costumes:

Madison - the wicked witch
Jake - a.k.a. - BATMAN
Kerry - the male flasher

and "Mandy"

Clearly Mike and I had identity issues last night. And yes...that's right....Mandy...he now has an alter ego. "Michelle" wasn't feminine enough for him. So, he and the kids came up with this name. Let me tell you how disturbing I found it to be when he came to give me a kiss as a thanks for helping him out. And look closely - that's right, his toenails are even painted and he's wearing lipstick!
We did have quite a few laughs through out the night though. Maddie wanted to know if she was getting a brother or sister. Jake just about bust a gut laughing the first time he saw Mike. And believe me...Mike PLAYED. THIS. UP. He had the AUDACITY to tell me how uncomfortable he was walking to the neighbors. His shoes...scratch that...MY shoes were killing him. I finally told him to zip it - I'd lived through 18 months of pregnancies. So he mumbled, "yeah...but you weren't carrying around a pillow." EXACTLY....I carried an extra 30 pounds each time. Proof positive men could never handle a real pregnancy!
He did say that while they were taking the kids around to trick-or-treat some ladies came up and said they had seen him and thought he was a real pregnant lady taking her kids out and they thought "she" was crazy. Then they got closer and saw how much hair was on "her" arms and chest and realized it wasn't a woman. And then they thought it was just plain frightening.
So, it was fun. Mike learned that there's a price for making me have to dress up and waiting until the last minute to boot. I learned that I can survive one night a year dressing up. ONE night.


Sue H said...

You guys did a great job on your costumes. But. Mike's is the scariest halloween costume I've EVER seen!!!

samantha said...

hahaha... wow u guys did great on the costumes...

Kelley and Gary said...

wow, mike, I didn't know you had it in ya! Great idea on your costume too, Kerry.