Saturday, November 8, 2008

Getting Saucy

As every other person who hosts a blog from the Twin Cities has reported - snow fell yesterday. After heading to bed Thursday night and asking the kids to please be quiet in the morning because NO ONE had to be up early, I awoke at 7:15 to:


from Jake. This was followed 3 seconds later by Maddie running into my room and telling me it was snowing. "Really! It's actually on the ground...and STILL FALLING! Come and look" So off we trudged to the window and sure enough...

So I won't blog about all that.

Instead, I'll give you an update on our morning's activity: making applesauce. Perfect fall timing.

So, after we got back from the gym, Tracy's crew came over and we all joined forces to make homemade applesauce. This involved Tracy and I peeling, Dad coring and the kids cutting up the slices into small pieces. Don't worry...they had plastic knives. Somehow Jake still managed to slice a bit of his thumb, but since it's still attached I think we are good.

I must say - some may have termed it a little crazy here, but it was fun. Maddie and Jake really got into the chopping spirit, and Austin tried his best to be interested - he got to try cutting with Tracy and putting the chopped pieces in the bowl, but he really just wanted to play.

Ellie climbed right up to the table and grabbed some apple pieces to throw into the bowl.....

She missed.....

Little Miss Riley just gave out smiles to Tracy and Grandma and prettied up the picture.

Four hours later the kids were enjoying the fruits of their labor.

HA!! I'm here all week, folks!

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