Monday, November 24, 2008

Lights, Camera...doh! The LIGHTS!

This project has been ongoing for over a week. I think my dad's ready to tear down a few walls in order to figure out the solution to our electrical dilemma.

Here's the background info: Last week I asked my dad to help me put up the Christmas lights outside. I didn't really foresee it getting any warmer so we might as well get it done. Now, I don't think there's anything that my dad does without first fashioning a tool of some kind out of some thing. That day was no exception. He's now the proud owner of a tree-light-hanger-helper-pole. I'm sure in further development it will also develop a better name. But, he took a long PVC pipe and cut out some notches on the top for the wire lights to sit in and we could hang lights without spending too much time going up and down the ladder. It really did work fairly well.

The kids had several friends over and they were playing a game that Rachel wasn't interested in, so she decided to help us instead. My own kids wanted no part in the festivities, but my neighbor's kid did; at least we are interesting to someone.

So, we went to turn them on and...nothing. I know - I hear you all shouting, "Didn't you test them out first!?!" Loud and clear - got it. And no, we didn't. I can't say why, we just didn't. This is where dad now probably wants to tear down our walls. Because on Round 2 of putting up lights he came in completely frustrated. All the lights worked on his TEST ROUND in the house, but nothing worked when hooked up outside. We don't know why, there's a current there (discovered after further tool testing...) but for some reason that will remain a mystery, nothing works.

So as of right now we only have the possibility of beautiful lights. Hopefully we'll figure out this stuff before Christmas arrives. Better yet - before snow and extreme cold arrives.

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Anonymous said...

Are there any fuses in the light strings? I have seen where one bulb also serves as a fuse.

Cold Spring Murphy