Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happiness on a Rainy Day

So, I got a new laptop to replace my miserable LOUD one that I've had for about 199 years. It was actually getting hard to concentrate on my students on some days because this thing was so loud. Then one day it started to do all sorts of funny things...or rather, NOT do them, so I took my computer consultant shopping armed with my lists of must haves and found my perfect laptop.

My list of "must-haves" included - and was pretty much limited to - having a numeric keypad on the side (you know...the "10-key pad"). My job through high school and college breaks was data entry. That involved me learning how to type correctly on those and I love them. I love typing on calculators just for this reason. Have I ever mentioned what a dork I am?

Anyway, it took Mike awhile to get it working with a few of my programs that didn't seem to transfer over so nicely, but now all the bugs are out and I'm loving this thing! I've done all my billing and checkbook stuff without having to touch the upper line of number keys!

With the number keys though, I also got a wider screen! This meant I needed a new screen saver. My friend, Kristy, and I have joked about my recent reading of people that change the look of their blogs every week (seriously!) and since I'm not about to take that on, I decided I'd try doing these backgrounds a little more often. So, I created a Thanksgiving theme one.

I have to keep a blank area open on the side because I have a really bad habit of saving stuff on my drives Mike nuts.

But, hopefully I'll get around to make a new one for Christmas too. MUCH easier than refiguring this whole HTML thing on a blog!!!

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Anonymous said...

What kind of lap top did you get? What size is the screen? Really enjoy your Blog.

murphy343 from Cold Spring.