Monday, November 10, 2008

Tiny Reminders

Last week I mentioned that I got this new laptop. With it came a couple new features that I've never had. One is slowly becoming my favorite.

It's called a gadget - seriously, that's what it's listed under, I'm not just being vague - anyway, there are several "gadgets" that I can add to my sidebar. One that was automatically up was something that went through all my picture files and pulled them up randomly to display on this teeny tiny screen on my screen. See below:

Well, Mike doesn't like to muddy up his screen with a bunch of stuff and so he thought for sure I wouldn't want this. But, I decided to keep it to see what I thought.

You know what, I love it. Every couple seconds it changes to a different picture that I probably haven't taken the time to look up and see for years. I'm seeing pics of the kids when they were so tiny! I get to see pics of other relatives that live far away. A bunch of these pictures pop up and I think "Oh! I remember when that was taken!" And it's a fun little moment for me.

I guess it's just easy to take for granted that this day to day life can be kind of...well, day to day. Nothing spectacular seems to happen as we go through our schedules and get where we need to be. But really, all these little pictures remind me that "day to day" can be pretty spectacular simply because something made us stop to remember that "moment" in a snapshot.

Anyway, I wish everyone could have this little gadget on their computer to see what I mean. Sometimes I think we are so busy taking all these pictures that we never really take the time to enjoy them later on.

So...take a moment to look up some old photos and hopefully you'll see what I'm talking about...

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samantha said...

i used to have that but then some how it got deleted i really didnt like it myself but i wasnt used to it either... i only has it for a few days... it would be cool to see other pictures that you took also from a while back... anyway love the backround