Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Catch Up

It hasn't been all about the piano lately - just mostly. I guess I should catch you up on a night out a few weeks ago. Madison and Mike's night out.

They attended Shakopee's Father/Daughter dance. This is the third year they've attended. It's fun to see them get dressed up and have a special night. Maddie gets excited because she gets to put on a little make-up (little...last year I put some eyeshadow on and she looked in the mirror with half-shut eyes and said, "you can't even see it!" I told her that was the point - less is more.)

So they headed off to the dance and had a good time. They met up with a few neighbors there and got to dance a lot. Afterward they shared a special treat and headed home.

Jake and I have a special date night too. This year we decided we were going to play it really low key. We made ourselves a feast of Jake's choosing: Spiderman Mac&Cheese, popcorn, hot chocolate and a bag of M&M's for each of us for dessert. We got to eat this in the basement while we watched "Madagascar 2". In our pajamas. No pictures...we were too busy relaxing.

Last weekend was Mike's turn to cook dinner. We've had a few friends ask us each weekend what the menu was. Mike's menu consisted of grilled steaks, asparagus, and twice baked potatoes. He shoveled a path to the grill and was out in the cold. Jake went out to "help" him. The exciting part was that Mike got to test out his new grill tools Jake had given him for Christmas and they received two thumbs up!

Mike said we should probably try to not get too extravagent with the meals since the idea was to actually save money. This sounded kind of funny coming from the guy who chose steaks. I told Mike I thought Jake's scrambled eggs and sausage may have counter-acted his expenditure.

And apparently it is still about the piano. We had a guy scheduled to come out and look at the cabinet because of a mark in it and I completely forgot about it. He arrived promptly at 9am and I'm still sitting here in my pajamas of flannels, sweatshirt and slippers. Nothing like a little embarrassment to smack you in the face early in the morning.

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