Friday, March 20, 2009

Fun Find

Awhile back in blogland I had posted that I had purchased a fun puzzle that we were going to do to keep boredom at bay. Well, it didn't happen until last week that we finally pulled it out and the kids and I started working on it.

Because of the spelling of my name, I never had the pens and pencils and other paraphernalia that other kids owned that had their names spelled on it. This may not be such a big deal to kids now, but back in my day everyone seemed to have these things. So, when I went to England in 9th grade and into a little tourist store and saw pens with my name on them...well, I dropped a chunk of change. I did the same thing in every little tourist shop I passed. Sucker, I know, but that was one of the most fun days ever at that point!

Ever since then I've been a bit weak when it comes to finding something with my name spelled correctly on it. So one day, we passed a puzzle and it said "Kerry's Vintage Inn" and like a 6 year old I pointed it out to Mike in a high pitched squeal. He said, "So buy it." But, being the mature adult I am, I walked away. After two steps I turned around and grabbed it and tossed it into the cart.

750 pieces, a couple card tables and bundle of hours later we now have this on display:

Upon inspecting the box, Jake realized this was an actual photograph and thought we should try visiting the place. Maybe someday we'll make it to Ireland to see it. I bet they have lots of pens too.

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Anonymous said...

Cool thing to have your name on.