Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Goodbye, Old Friend

My parents drink a lot of coffee. Let me rephrase that: they drink A. LOT. OF. COFFEE.

Actually, since they've lived here Mike and I have teased them quite a bit. I bet on average they drink three pots per day. Now, this is tame compared to some people, I realize. AND they actually make their coffee so it isn't like they are funding Caribou. But still, it's far more coffee than Mike and I have made in our 12 years of living together.

My mom likes her coffee with cream and sugar. Except not sugar, she prefers "Sweet-10". When Mike and I got married, on the rare occasion that we made coffee, this was how I drank mine too; it's basically all I knew and I didn't drink coffee enough to really want to investigate further flavorings. So, we bought a bottle of "Sweet-10".

A month or so after my parents moved in with us, they ran out of their "Sweet-10". Mike said that wasn't a problem because we've had one around the house for the past 10 years. They thought he was joking. Then he pulled out the bottle and they realized that it was an actual glass bottle; it doesn't even come in this anymore - and hasn't for years. Mike said that there was no way my parents could go through this much "Sweet-10" - even with all the coffee they drank. Mike's been pretty sure up to this point it was a magic bottle that just never emptied.

This morning my mom announced that she'd done the impossible: she had finished off our bottle of "Sweet-10". I'm almost sad to see it go. It's been with us longer than my oldest child.

So, it will go to recycling heaven on Friday. Mike's already planned on replacing it with "Equal".


Anonymous said...

Too funny. Mike can buy Equal (which is bad for you as far as sweetners go) but we will also need to purchase another bottle of Sweet 10 because that has been in my house longer than - dare I mention my 35 year old! (not the same bottle of course, we've gone through several)

Love Mom

Tracy said...

I have a bottle you can have. Unless you want some kept at my house.

Kerry said...

Eh...we'll probably be getting both Equal and Sweet-10. I'm not a huge Equal fan, but I got a Steinway so the poor guy deserves SOMETHING.

missy said...

Sorry to hear about your loss. Hope everyone is feeling okay. Happy coffee drinking.

Anonymous said...

My grandparents used that stuff! I didn't know they still made it. I thought Grandma had it left over from the '70s. Now I know. Thanks. (by the way, their bottle ran out when I was in high school)-SS