Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lego my Lego

I think Jake's all-time favorite toy lately is his Lego box. He's received some really neat sets for his birthday and Christmas and put those together. Then all the pieces separated and were piled in with all the other pieces. I don't know if he still has the instructions to make the original models, but he certainly comes up with some beauties on his own.

This is just an example of the myriad of small or large spaceships we have laying around. What I love though is that he can tell you what EVERY SINGLE PIECE does on that particular ship. There isn't anything that doesn't have a purpose. He can tell you which ships fly fastest, how many guns they have and who is in charge of shooting them. He will even give you a flying demonstration of how fast one ship is compared to another. This is done by holding them and racing around the family room and kitchen. Then he picks up the other and it is dramatically different in speed...and noise.

But lately we've eaten a lot of Cheerios and they've been giving away a toy in the box that is a Lego car. His first two cars were the blue and green ones. But, he really wanted the police car. Luckily that came in the next box and this kid was excited! That same night my parents came home from meeting some friends and gave him a gift from them...the ORANGE race car!!! So, thank you to Pat & Patrick Murphy! I think these have all been played with on a daily basis since the collection began.

We also spent quite a bit of time this weekend looking at this Lego-a-Day website. This guy posts a different little Lego set-up each day for the past year. Our favorites were days #273, #212, #185, and #111. Yes, we really did look through them all. Jake mostly loved when the guy used Star Wars or Indiana Jones characters. There was great excitement when one character was used and Jake happened to be holding onto the same character. Nothing was cooler at that moment.

His latest challenge from me (to relieve pure boredom the other day) was to build me the letter "K". He says he finished, but it "just isn't working right..." Which makes me wonder - how many guns does he have attached to this thing?

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