Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Pat's Day

We can't possibly be a family named "Murphy" and not wish everyone a

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Maddie is officially decked out for the day. I found this a couple months ago and couldn't resist getting it for her. Some of my jewelry loving madness has genetically gone to her; she loves shirts that have some type of sparkle.

Jake's class all created Leprechaun traps. Mike, Jake and I worked on his a couple weeks ago. Jake drew a plan for us and Mike did his best to help make that actual plan. We used a shoebox, eyelet things, string and tape and were on our way....

He also used some wooden biscuits to wrap up in tinfoil because Leprechauns love shiny things - these pieces were the bait!

Jake and Mike were all over using any tools they could and even managed to go into the garage and use a drill for the shiny biscuits. Then they came back in to use a screwdriver. Note Jake's safety glasses:

I'm not sure they'll catch any leprechauns. When Maddie did this in first grade those pesky leprechauns made a mess of the first grade rooms! Chairs were toppled over and papers were lying all over the place - even a ceiling tile had been moved! Good luck to Jake's class this year!


Anonymous said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day from another Murphy in Cold Spring!

The Pats

Sue H said...

Love Madison's shirt, and OF COURSE it should have sparkles!!! And leprechaun traps, haven't heard of those before. That's probably why MY house is all messed up!

Murphy's in Iowa said...

Happy St.Pat's Day from the other Murphy's. Great shirt Maddie, Love the safety glasses Jake. See ya soon.