Friday, March 13, 2009

Two Years in the Making

Well, work is finally finished on the quilts I started two years ago. But, as my grandpa used to say, "I didn't want to rush anything."

I actually pieced them together that long ago. After a few months of sitting in the corner at our house, I moved them over to my parent's house so that I could actually quilt all the layers together. Then they sat there. Then my parents moved and I decided I better retrieve them and bring them back here. mom's quilting machine would be here, so it would be THAT much easier to get them done.

I finally got one on the machine around November. What should have taken about 4 hours to finish took about 2 months. I got the other one done about mid-February and they both sat for a couple weeks waiting to have the binding attached. Between the two of these, that took a little over a week.

These quilts are for our bedroom chairs. Mike played along and picked out which quilt he "wanted" knowing he'll never use it. But, I couldn't only make one; what if there was the rare occasion he was cold? He may have made his choice with an accompanying eye roll.

Technical info: These quilts use the "Log Cabin Block". This is one of my all-time favorite quilt blocks. They are half dark (sorrow)/half light (happiness) to represent those emotions in a home. Traditionally the middle square is either yellow to represent a candle to guide family members home or red to represent the hearth of the home. (Fun Note: There are some with black centers that is rumored to have been hung in homes that were safe havens for escaped slaves during the Civil War.) It is built from the center out, "log by log" to represent how a cabin is built. It also uses up tons of scraps, which I loved. You can arrange them in MANY different patterns and the quilts don't look the same. Plus, they are straight lines and simple to sew.

Anyway, the only other project that has exceeded this time frame is my cross-stitched piano which took about 3 years to complete. It was only rushed at the last minute before moving from North Carolina because Mike found this incredible framer who did great work and was CHEAP.

But, never fear. I'm working on a new record. I've been cross-stitching a new Christmas picture. Well, it will be new to us when/if it gets finished. So far it has sat for two Christmases in the corner...


Missy said...

Really cool quilts. So if I wanted a green quilt it might take a while. The cross stitching is way cool, I wish I could do that I tried. Good luck.

Sue H said...

Congrats on your finished quilts!!! Woo-hoo, finished is the BEST! And your log cabins look great. How about entering the Scott Cty Fair?