Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A-Hunting We Will Go

I had told my family that dinner on Easter would be at 5pm. I was so proud of myself at 3pm and again at 4pm when my part of the dinner was right on schedule. At 4:15 I even remembered to check when the rolls needed to be cooked. I was ON TOP of it.

Until about 5:05 when we started setting everything out to serve and my mom said, "Where's the asparagus?"

....the asparagus. The asparagus that Mike was supposed to grill due to lack of oven space. The asparagus that would be taking at least 15 minutes to cook. I'm sure my panicked look was all my mom needed to suggest that the Easter egg hunt begin sooner rather than later.

Mike stood guard by the pool and Jake and Maddie tried to help the smaller kids look while keeping an eye out for their own hidden eggs. Jake misunderstood the instructions of, "Maddie and Jake - there is a blue and green egg you have to find." He thought that meant they each had two - so he found them both. He tried to hide it again for Maddie, but I think the other kids kept finding it.
Austin found his fairly quickly.
He was also the first to cheer on Katelyn when she found hers.

Ashley and Dan wandered around and finally came upon another egg.

Ellie wasn't too sure about the egg under the leaves at first, but I think didn't want to be left out in the end.
Then everyone scouted once more to find that seventh egg for Riley who was eagerly waiting inside for her egg filled with M&M candies.

And you know what? By the time the egg hunt was over the asparagus was smelling pretty great and dinner was ready. Whew.

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