Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

Hopefully the bunny was good to all.

Saturday night the kids colored Easter eggs. This may have been the fastest it's ever been completed.

In the shot above Jake was trying out the brown dye. I was a bit curious as to how this would look - it didn't seem to be a very spring-like color in my mind.

This was the result after Jake soaked it awhile. I think we'd be better off just buying brown eggs au natural at the supermarket.

Of course, Jake had to get the orange egg.

Maddie is our more artistic egg dyer. She gets into which colors go well together and how they can be blended. Some of her favorite eggs are the ones where she just starts randomly dipping. In the past, her fingers have been quite a rainbow on Easter morning but this year the paper towel took the brunt of the mess.

Our Sunday started early, but we had a lovely day.

I may be slightly biased, but we had the cutest kids at church...

Maddie was really excited about her dress (she loved the halter top part) and she knew right away that her hair styled in a bun would be perfect. If you'll also notice: no clip-on tie for Jake. We learned our lesson at Christmas.

I had to be to church early, so the rest of the family met me there. When Jake got to church he exclaimed that the bunny had left him some Star Wars Legos! In fact, his exact words were, "Man! That Easter Bunny must KNOW how much I love Star Wars!" This was said in the entrance of church; I believe the people in the sanctuary actually heard him.

After church we enjoyed a breakfast downstairs hosted by the youth group. This is actually something both kids thoroughly enjoy. I don't know why. It's tasty, I guess, but they waste no time in getting downstairs immediately after the first service. Today they stayed a little later than normal to keep me company between services. They had these little toys that were Angels and the Virgin Mary - only they were attached to springs so they would pop off the table. We spent a good 30 minutes coming up with games to play where we had to catch the popping Angels and Marys in various ways. Ahhh...the things that can entertain us Lutherans.

Later that day my family came over to celebrate with a big meal of ham and all sorts of goodies. The kids had an Easter egg hunt in the backyard. We'll finish up with that post tomorrow.

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