Monday, April 20, 2009

May the Force Be with You

Saturday was a VERY big day in our house. Mike and Jake watched Star Wars: Episode IV. This is the first time Jake has ever seen anything Star Wars. We had borrowed the episodes from Rob and Jake was so excited all week to watch them with Mike. Saturday morning when we came down from waking up, Jake already had them laid out on the couch, ready to go.

It did not disappoint. Jake was enthralled. He came upstairs and said, "It. Was. AWESOME!" He loves anything Star Wars.

Sunday afternoon they watched "The Empire Strikes Back". I asked which was his favorite so far and Jake said, "Probably the one from yesterday - because it's the first one I ever saw." Nice to know he's got a sentimental side.

Sunday evening the kids were practicing their handstand efforts from gymnastics. Maddie was having a little trouble getting balanced and Jake said,

"Maddie...use the force."

If you need a reference for how the practice was going...see below:

I know the picture quality isn't the greatest, so I'll try to zoom in so you can get the full effect of how hard Jake was concentrating:

I do believe Yoda would have been proud.

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Aunt missy said...

Great headstand Jake. Can't wait to see what is next. Luv ya Aunt missy