Monday, April 6, 2009

Lean Mean, Grilling Machine

Jake turn to cook dinner was Saturday night. This time around, everyone has to make something they've never made. He chose hot dogs. Obviously, we've had hot dogs before. But, Jake's never gotten to grill them so he was very excited. Grilling is his new-found love.

So, after shoveling off any remaining snow on the deck (yes...we still had snow) he got to work. Maddie wasn't super enthused about this meal; she's not a fan of hot dogs. She especially does not like grilled hot dogs...she doesn't like the marks. So, her hot dog was nuked.

Jake thought it was an especially great day. At church Sunday morning there was a small reception where they guessed hot dogs. He had eight between two services. Then it was hot dogs for dinner. He told us a story after getting home that when they were waiting for me at church, he thought he smelled me coming up behind him, but then realized it was his hot dog. I told him he needed to work on his compliments before he started dating.

When Maddie woke up this morning she opened the cupboard to find out what was for lunch at school and groaned. Hot dogs. Needless to say, she brought her lunch. Someone in the house informed Jake he would probably start smelling like hot dogs.

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