Monday, April 27, 2009

Work in Progress

I've taken to making a list. I leave it sitting on my desk. I've also entered it into my computer which syncs with my phone. The list is everywhere. I thought I'd try a new experiment and see if this makes helps me get more things accomplished that I'm actually supposed to be accomplishing (read: no novels). I decided it would be far too difficult to jump into this and be hard-nosed about it, so I just have a list, but no date on which to finish everything. But, I like to make lists, so the sooner I get this one accomplished, the sooner I get to make a new list.

The first list worked fairly well. I loved crossing things off and when my list was done - I got to take a little extra time for myself. But I also included things I like to do. My latest list has "make 5 scrapbook pages". This is both fun and really much needed. Our pictures are backing up on files and Mike would really like them organized a little better. Can't do that until they are printed and I can't print them until what I have is scrapbooked.

Anyway - I don't know if I'd call it a total success. Last night I decided to change the background of my computer. This wasn't on the list. But, it had a picture of a snowman and I figured I would throw some good karma out to Mother Nature by making it more springlike....

These are pictures I took a couple years ago of a quilt shop here in Shakopee. Far better than Mr. Snowman and his blustering (but cleverly blurred) windy background!

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