Friday, April 17, 2009

Little Squirt

Thursday Jake stayed home from school because Wednesday night he threw up three times. Two of those being between the hours of 2am and 3am.

Wednesday, after I put the kids to bed, I went to our room to watch t.v. and relax. In running through the channels I hit PBS where they were playing something opera. I thought I should watch it to see if opera interested me at all. A few minutes later behind the singing I heard Maddie yell for me - Jake was sick in his room. Note: Opera drowns out a puking child. This may or may not be useful information.

So, Jake got sick and finished. Two seconds later he apologized to me for not calling out for my help. He said, "Sorry I didn't yell for you. But, I just kept squirting out."

Fast forward to 2am when I heard coughing and got to the bathroom to help him. When he finished we started talking about being sick and talked about fevers. To which he replied, "Yeah...fevers help get rid of sickness. But, then they make your white blood cells stronger, and that helps to get rid of the germs in your body." Now - I'm not totally certain those are the correct facts, and I may have jumbled them in my 2am grogginess but it still made me do a double-take. I wasn't expecting an educational hour at that point.

When I went to check on Jake Thursday morning, he opened one eye and said, "Is it time for me to have some ginger?" This is 7:30am and he's talking about gingerale which he mentioned on the second round at 2-3am. At least we know his mind isn't fuzzy with being sick.

P.S. The jury is still out on opera. I told Mike I was watching it for experimental purposes to see if I liked it and he replied, "You don't."

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