Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Eyes Have It

The kids are home for MEA the rest of this week and yesterday we were all eating lunch together.  I had grabbed a trail mix bag and was dining on those for a treat.  Mike, who was sitting next to me, took a couple pieces and ate them as we were talking.  Then he took a couple more.  The third time I stared him down and he shrugged.

Having watched all this, Maddie exclaimed, "You guys have this weird communication with your eyes!  It's like you talk to each other with them."

Mike asked Maddie what she thought I had told him and she said that I had told Mike something completely unrelated to the trail mix. 

Mike told her that was not what my eyes had communicated at all.  He said, "In fact, she told me that if I even think about stealing another piece she's going to smack my hand."  Maddie said that wasn't true and looked at me.  I told her it was absolutely true and it was exactly what I had told him "with my eyes".

She reiterated that we were weird.

Fast forward to this afternoon, Maddie asked if we could eat lunch downstairs and watch a movie.  She looked at me first and I replied it was okay.  At the same time she turned to look at Mike who was looking at me "talking to me" telling me he thought they'd be fine eating at the table first.

Maddie jumped in and said, "Don't EVEN start that eye talk again.  Mom already said, 'Yes.'"

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